Renata Podlog:
Stoneware,  Porcelain and Raku

Pottery is a lifelong passion for Renata. Having spent more than three decades teaching, exploring and experimenting, Renata has developed an ever-expanding repertoire of styles and designs. Each unique and personalized creation has key elements that she has become known for, like her signature twisted handles and extremely detailed decorative features.


More photos of Renata’s work are in the Photo Gallery under pottery.

Ancient Pottery

Renata has worked for nearly three decades doing restoration work from excavation sites in the Middle East, piecing together ancient pottery artifacts dating back 2,000 to 8,000 years.

Holyland – 2007 expedition

The vessels were found at an ancient site within the Holyland Park compound, where the Holyland Hotel and the model of Jerusalem during the Second Temple Period were located in Jerusalem. The site is a cemetery dating to the early Bronze Age IV (ca. 2300-2000 BC) and the Middle Bronze Age II (ca. 1750-1550 BC). Most of the vessels are dated to the Middle Bronze Age II.

The cemetery contains what the archaeologists call shaft tombs, a grave carved into the bedrock composed by a shaft, the entrance, and a burial chamber where the bodies were deposited together with the pottery vessels and other offerings. Until now, more than 50 tombs of this type were excavated. Among the pottery, storage jars, bowls, jugs and juglets represent the most notorious types of vessels.